ABS 2022 Agriculture BioStimulants Application Summit and Soil Improvement and Remediation Conference will be held in Qingdao from April 21-22


China Most influtian & important event on Agriculture Biostimulants,  ABS 2022 will be held in Qingdao from April 21-22. It will be bring about 800 delegates together to discuss the current situation of the development, business opportunities and future opportunities, share rich experience on R&D, production and promotion of related products in the world. They also discuss together development restriction factor and the corresponding solution in order to achieve a better promotion and application on biostimulant in China.


At the two sessions this year, carbon peak and carbon neutralization were written into the government work report for the first time. The core of carbon peak and carbon neutralization is to promote the transformation of development mode to comprehensive green and low-carbon. Agriculture has a distinctive background of green ecology and plays an important role in the journey of realizing carbon peak and carbon neutralization. For the development of agricultural industry under the goal of "double carbon", we should continue to promote reduction and efficiency, green substitution and comprehensive treatment, take into account environmental and economic benefits, and how to effectively plant green agricultural products, how to improve output and how to improve quality are all topics that we will continue to discuss. Healthy soil is the core of healthy planting. It is recognized by more and more people to improve productivity in a sustainable way. Biological stimulants can improve the physiological and biochemical state of plants, improve the effect of pesticides and the utilization rate of fertilizers, improve the level of crop resistance to adversity, and improve the final yield and quality of agric ultural products, Thus, it will play an important role under t he double carbon goal. The sixth ABS 2022 conference will discuss healthy planting, quality improvement, improving quality and increasing production and sustainable growth, focusing on biostimulants and soil improvement and remediation. We will meet you in Qingdao from April 21 t o 22.

Hot Topics:

Agricultural Biostimulant Application Summit

Agricultural Development under the Dual Carbon Goal: Opportunities and Challenges;

Defining and identifying biostimulants: industry update;

Future market trends of biostimulants;

Biostimulants and soil health;

The future of biostimulants;

Study on the mechanism and utilization efficiency of biostimulants;

Biostimulant Product Development Case Studies;

Biostimulants and Plant Stress Tolerance;

Biostimulants and product quality;

Large-scale and commercial application of biostimulants;

Co-innovative applications of biostimulant products and fertilizers, etc.;

Voice from end growers on biostimulants:Impression, Concern, and Hopes;

Application of Biostimulants in Row Crops;

Soil Improvement and Remediation Conference

Under the carbon peak carbon neutral t arget, the growth point of the soil improvement and remediation market;

Soil ecology and agricultural product quality;

The current problems in the quality of cultivated land in China;

Current Status of Heavy Metal Pollution in Farmland Soil and Treat ment Measures;

Improvement of cultivated land quality and utilization of agricultural res ources

Soil organic matter and soil health;

Application of microorganisms in soil improvement and restoration;

Research and application of new materials for soil improvement and restoration;

Remediation technology and engineering application of agricultural land contaminated soil;

Remediation technology and cases of pest icide contaminated sites;

Biostimulants the Microbiome and Soil Health;

Discussion on Techniques of Rebuilding Soil Fert ility by Using No-tillage and Cover Crops;

Ecological restoration technology and engineering application of compound barrier soil;

Ecological restoration and treatment technology of saline-alkali soil and acidified soil;

Path selection and technical analysis of heavy metal pollution remediation of farmland soil;

Part of Previous speakers:


Who will attend?

Biostimulant  manufacturer;

Fertilizer manufacturer;

Plant health, nutritionand physiology expert;

Large growers,farmers, cooperatives;

Soil improvement and restoration companies,manufacturers, contractors;

Soil improvement experts;

Soil and fertilizer station, agricultural technology extension station, scientific research institute;

Distributors and traders of agricultural materials;


Exhibits Profile:

Humic acid, amino acids, seaweed extract,chitin and derivatives, microorganisms and metabolites, plant extract, inorganic salt(Phosphite) and other biological stimulant raw materials;

Water soluble fertilizer, microbial fertilizer, medium and trace element fertilizer, organic fertilizer, biological fertilizer, slow and controlled release fertilizer, etc.;

It is committed to crop solutions such as soil health, efficient nutrition of crops, quality improvement, fertilization reduction, high yield and quality, disease prevention and stress resistance;

It is committed to new products and solutions for soil improvement and restoration, such as soil salinization, soil fertility improvement and soil ecology improvement.

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