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It’s a great honor to invite you to attend the 7th Agri Biostimulants and Biological Products Summit(ABS 2024). The theme of this summit is "Adhere new technology,Face new growth". 

ABS was first held in 2017, and is held in different cities every year. By sharing the global development trends of the industry, innovative products and ideas, ABS helps industry practitioners and users to gain insight into the development trend and find growth points, attracting the participation of many well-known enterprises from the industry. The seventh session has been held so far, with a cumulative number of 5,000 participants, which has been recognized by the majority of participants.

The 8th Agri Biostimulants and Biological Products Summit(ABS 2024)will be held in Xi'an from April 18th to 19th,at the same time, the conference will also hold exhibitions of biostimulants, biological products, biological control, ecological regulation, microbial preparations for crop disease and pest control, soil improvement and restoration and other related products to realize exchanges and interoperability of the industrial chain.

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