ABS 2024 will be held in Xi'an from April 18-19


With the growth of global population and economic development, food security and sustainable agricultural development have become the focus of the international community. In order to achieve efficient, environmentally friendly and green agricultural production and reduce the application of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, biostimulants have received widespread attention. In recent years, the market size of biostimulants continues to expand, product types continue to be rich, manufacturers emerge in an endless stream, and the application field is gradually expanding, this trend reflects the urgent need for environmental protection, green and sustainable solutions in the agricultural field, but also indicates the huge potential and infinite vitality of the biostimulant market, the growth track is crowded with brands. How to navigate a thriving industry and find new room for growth?

ABS Conference was first held in 2017, held in different cities every year, by sharing the industry's global development trends, innovative products and ideas, to help industry practitioners and users insight into the development trend, to find growth points, attracted the participation of many well-known enterprises from the industry, has been held seven sessions, the cumulative number of participants reached 5,000 people. It was recognized by the majority of participants. At the same time, the conference will also hold exhibitions of biostimulants, biological products, biological control, ecological regulation, microbial preparations for crop disease and pest control, soil improvement and restoration and other related products to realize exchanges and interoperability of the industrial chain.

1000+Delegates  45+reports  60+booths  20+Co-media

【Hot Topics】

1\Status quo of laws and regulations on biostimulants at China and abroad.

2\How to promote the improvement of domestic policies and the healthy development of the industry

3\Market size, competition pattern and prospect analysis of biostimulants

4\The latest research and development, technological innovation and future development trend of biostimulants

5\The mechanism of biostimulants on crop growth and development and their effects on crop yield and quality

6\Classification of biostimulants and their effectiveness and applicability in different crops and environments

7\Biostimulant combination of special fertilizer, water-soluble fertilizer, foliar fertilizer, organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, irrigation fertilizer and other quality and efficiency improvement program sharing

8\Effects of structure, function and diversity of soil microbial communities on soil health

9\Fertilizer scientific application technology and soil improvement as well as crop yield and quality improvement

10\Research progress and application prospect of soil improvement and remediation materials, such as microorganisms, organic fertilizers, minerals, etc

11\Potential, application and prospect of microbial technology in soil improvement and remediation

Who will attend?

Biostimulant  manufacturer;

Fertilizer manufacturer;

Plant health, nutritionand physiology expert;

Large growers,farmers, cooperatives;

Soil improvement and restoration companies,manufacturers, contractors;

Soil improvement experts;

Soil and fertilizer station, agricultural technology extension station, scientific research institute;

Distributors and traders of agricultural materials;


Exhibits Profile:

Humic acid, amino acids, seaweed extract,chitin and derivatives, microorganisms and metabolites, plant extract, inorganic salt(Phosphite) and other biological stimulant raw materials;

Water soluble fertilizer, microbial fertilizer, medium and trace element fertilizer, organic fertilizer, biological fertilizer, slow and controlled release fertilizer, etc.;

It is committed to crop solutions such as soil health, efficient nutrition of crops, quality improvement, fertilization reduction, high yield and quality, disease prevention and stress resistance;

It is committed to new products and solutions for soil improvement and restoration, such as soil salinization, soil fertility improvement and soil ecology improvement.

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